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2018 Women Are Funny Results

March 18, 2018

We are pleased to announce the winner of the inaugural Women Are Funny award for the funniest play in America. Congratulations to C.J. Ehrlich for her hilarious noir spoof, The Maltese Babka.


  • Peace and Quiet by Alyssa Haddad
  • The Maltese Babka by C.J. Ehrlich (winner)
  • Three Tall Men by Maura Campbell


  • Beating a Dead Horse by Jennifer Stafford
  • Beureaucrazy by Kate Danley
  • Dharma by Nayna Agrawal
  • Garage Wedding by Laura Pfizenmayer
  • Ghost Story by Lia Romeo
  • Imagine That by Audrey Webb
  • Tighten Your Borscht Belt by Hilary Bluestein-Lyons
  • Untitled Series #7 by Ellen Struve
  • W.H.I.P. by Jessica Andrewartha
  • Welcome to Matteson! by Inda Craig-Galvan

Funniest Play Title

  • Stroke! by Donna Rae Davidson

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